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Mark has been promoting tournaments in the martial arts since 1980, and has hosted over 16 tournaments of his own. Because of his love for the Cane, his traditional “deterrent of choice”, he was one of the founders and now sole owner of “Cane Masters”. This company has introduced the Cane to a greater audience in the martial arts community, as well as senior citizens and the physically challenged. Furthermore, Mark travels throughout the world giving seminars on using the cane for self-defense as well as exercise.

Yoga and cane Workout
All Videos
SESSION-Weekly Workout with GM Shuey
Enjoy over 45 minutes of working out with GM Shuey in this Session.
Self Defense vs Gun
In our continuing Cane-Ja self defense series exclusively in the Virtual Dojo, here is Self-Defense vs. a Gun.
LIVE Warrior Cane Project Palatka Florida
The Warrior Cane Project is a non-profit organization that offers a custom American hardwood cane and cane self-defense and exercise training to all military veterans free of charge. This particular event was recorded and broadcast live in the Virtual Dojo January 5, 2018 from Palatka, Florida.
Exclusive Virtual Dojo Content-Street Techniques 5
In this our 5th Edition of Street Defense using the cane, we focus on techniques versus a knife or gun.
The Virtual Dojo Interview with GM Shuey
Learn all about the Cane Masters Virtual Dojo through this interview with GM Mark Shuey.
Street Techniques 3: Defense With Sticks And Staffs

The third of our Self-Defense series, featuring Guy "Ziggy" de Ro and Mark Shuey Jr., this video focuses on self-defense techniques using a wide variety of wood "tools", such as dan-bongs, escrima sticks, hiking staffs and Ziggy's "little helpers".

Use your imagination and implement the techniques shown with other items such as a pen, folding umbrella or rolled up newspaper. In addition, Grandmaster Mark Shuey Sr. offers a guide to the tools shown as well as hints on proper maintenance of your wood canes, sticks and staffs.

Cane Chi: Exercising With The Cane

Join Mark Shuey Sr. for an exciting and effective exercise workout using the cane. In this 46-minute video you will learn stretching, balancing, isometric and resistance band exercises using the cane that are designed to improve your strength, flexibility and overall fitness.

Before engaging in any exercise program be sure to consult your health professional as to your physical fitness level and ability to perform the techniques and skills required in this video. Cane Masters, Rocket III Video Productions or any other person or company associated with this production cannot be held liable for injuries as a result of participating in the exercises shown in this video.

Combat Hapkido Dan Bong Part 1
This exciting program presents the use of the Dan Bong (Short Stick) as an extremely versatile Self Defense Tool. Senior Master Moore expertly demonstrates and explains in detail practical, realistic and effective techniques that can be easily added to the curriculum of any traditional or modern martial arts style.
Combat Hapkido Dan Bong Part 2
Part 2 of this exciting series on using the short stick (or collapsible umbrella?) for self-defense.
Techniques of the Mini Cane
Produced in cooperation with Master Jeff Cook, the founder of Wabujitsu , this tape is designed for law enforcement and security personnel in order to educate them in the techniques that can be used with the mini-cane covering a wide variety of situations, including compliance applications.
Street Techniques 1
We have combined a variety of blocks and counters introduced in our other instructional videos into a series of techniques designed for self-defense in a true street situation. GM Shuey and his son will show you some great “down and dirty” tactics against a number of different attacks.
Street Techniques 2
This is the next video in the Street Techniques series produced by Master Guy "Ziggy" De Ro our partner, founder of Cane Fighters International and Canemaster in Belgium. With his unique blend of humor and focused demonstration, Master De Ro will show you a wide variety of efficient and devastating techniques against a wide variety of situations.
Street Techniques 4: Cane Defense The UK Way

Join Grandmaster Mark Shuey Sr. and Canemaster Chris Bird in this exciting self defense video featuring the cane. Learn techniques staged in a wide range of “street” scenarios from the Street Techniques IV: Self Defense the UK Way.

Tactics include:
* Multiple opponents defense
* Defense versus a gun
* Defense on public transportation
* Female versus male defense
* Pressure point defense
and many more!

Winning Katas and Advanced Techniques

Grand Master Mark Shuey Sr. shares his advanced techniques and winning katas with you in this 51 minute tape. These are the same katas he used to win 50 first places, 6 Grand Championships, and the World and National Titles in 1998 and 1999!

It is important to note that even though the techniques shown were initially designed for competition, they still demonstrate powerful counter measures and defensive strategies for simple self-defense!

The Exercise System of the Cane
The material in this video is based solely on the physical fitness aspects of using the cane either with or without a resistance band. You will see not only the proper technique of performing each exercise, but also a graphic representation of that portion of the body being stressed. We have had many doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists report that they have patients who have benefited greatly from this program.
The Basic Foundation of the Cane
Arguably our most popular video, the techniques shown are the basis on which the majority of the katas and self defense techniques are created. Plus, there are stretches and strengthening exercises to help you make the most of your training.
Yoga for the Martial Artist
From students of Aikido to Wing Chun, all practicing martial artists can benefit from the incorporation of Yoga into their workouts. The exercises and posts taught in this video will help increase your flexibility, strength and balance. Join World Title-holder Grand Master Mark Suey, Sr. in a challenging and rewarding workout designed to help you become a Champion!
Yoga Your Back Will Love
From time to time, we are all afflicted with back "problems". This video will show you a series of postures designed to strengthen and stretch the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the crucial areas that affect the upper, middle, and lower back.

NOTE: Be sure to check with your physician in regards to the appropriateness of these exercises for your personal fitness situation.
Advanced Yoga Workout: For the Active Lifestyle
Get your heart pumping and sweat flowing with Mark Shuey, Sr. and Denise Hart as they take you through an incredible 90-minute workout. From the challenging "scorpion post" to the ultimate in relaxation "corpse pose" you will find an invigorating asana for every part of the body.
Beginning Yoga : Sun Salutations
This incredible 45-minute workout takes you through breathing exercises that massage your inner organs and keeps your chi flowing, then shows you four different sun salutations. If you want an awesome 45-minute workout guaranteed to get you sweating as well as introducing you to the "backbone" of our YogaPlay system, this is the video for you. Learn and do them all.
Fencing with the Cane
Featuring Canemaster Dr. Brian Salinas, "Fencing with the Cane" will show you an exciting way to use your cane for self-defense based on Olympic style fencing techniques. Learn the footwork, strikes, blocks and drills of "Western" fencing with a cane in this extended video.
Beifang Qi Taiji Zhang (Tai Chi Cane Kata)
The Beifang Qi Taiji Zhang (Tai Chi Cane Kata) was produced by James Bouchard and it this is a wonderful way to learn how to use the cane in a graceful, yet powerful way, for both exercise and self defense. One of our most popular videos.
Street Smart Samurai: Part 1
Featuring Shihan Dana Abbott and Grandmaster Mark Shuey Sr., this video offers Cane Self-Defense Techniques that have descended from Traditional Japanese Samurai sword methodology. Learn how to safely protect yourself while understanding your first, second and third lines of defense.
Street Smart Samurai: Part 2
This video continues the journey of learning to use the cane in the tradition of the Samurai Warrior, but for the street. Join Grandmaster Mark Shuey and Dana Abbott as they explore the techniques and tactics of self-defense with the cane.
Dirty Dozen: Sitting And Standing Techniques
We produced this video to be used in conjunction with the "Dirty Dozen" Silver Dragons manual, though it can also stand alone as a wonderful educational piece for basic self-defense techniques using the cane from a standing or sitting position.
Practical Cane Techniques
Included are defenses versus punches, headlocks, bearhugs, ground fighting and many more. Each technique is shown from multiple angles and include a demonstration of practical street application. Plus, a kata is shown that includes a variety of additional self-defense scenarios.
Cane Fu : Moving Beyond Disabilities
The cane is a versatile tool for health, self-defense, and personal fitness that can help you become more independent and feel more comfortable in the changing world that surrounds you. Cane-Fu concepts, as promoted by Grandmaster Mark Shuey, Sr. make this video a must for everyone
American Cane System: Level 1 (Yellow Belt)
This video introduces the New American Cane System student to the style's fundamentals, including an overview of the system and its founder, safety and training considerations, parts of the cane and how to work with and without a training partner. This video was professionally filmed and edited using three different camera angles and documents the material required to test for Yellow Belt.
American Cane System: Level 2 (Orange Belt)
Level 2 builds on the American Cane System (ACS) student's level one knowledge introducing the philosophy of the ACS and traditional martial arts concepts including style structure. New topics include training on a heavy bag with a cane, partner drills (blocking and striking cane vs. cane with a partner), and a more in depth look at the Exercise System. This video was professionally filmed and edited using three different camera angles, and documents the material required to test for Orange Belt.
American Cane System: Level 3 (Green Belt)
Level three expands beyond the American Cane System student's fundamentals in blocks and strikes to include more self-defense techniques and advanced skills. Grandmasters Shuey and Crandall introduce the student to new traditional martial arts philosophy and concepts including the relevance of time, repetition, and the "three eyes" of the student. In addition, proper cane care and how Cane Master canes are hand-crafted will be shown.
American Cane System: Level 4 (Blue Belt)
Level 4 prepares the American Cane System student for the advanced material and concepts that exist at levels 5-8. The emphasis for quality in the material at levels 1-3 continues, and 13 new self-defense techniques are added which include throws, defenses against kicks, punches, grabs, attacks from behind, and attempts to take your cane. As with each level, Grandmasters Shuey and Crandall introduce the student to new traditional martial arts philosophy and concepts including the student-instructor relationship.
American Cane System: Level 5 (Purple Belt)
Level 5 continues the American Cane System student’s training with a focus toward self-defense, teaching 14 new techniques (CTs 34-47), which involves more complex joint locks and counters. Grandmaster Mark Shuey, Sr. discusses representing the style, including through tournament competition and Grandmaster Crandall presents advanced concepts regarding tradition.
American Cane System: Level 6 (Tan Belt)
Level 6 marks a shift in the American Cane System student’s training from “scientific/systematic” skills toward self-defense. This is strongly presented in both the techniques and kata. 17 new self-defense techniques are taught (CTs 48-64) involving joint locks, double-punches, cane retention, disarming an attacker (such as wielding a stick or pipe), defense against underhand and overhand knife assaults, and more. The video begins with an in-studio interview with Grandmaster Mark Shuey, Sr., introducing the student to more information about the style’s founder and his background.
American Cane System: Level 7 (Brown Belt)
Level 7 prepares the American Cane System student to test for BROWN BELT, one step below 1st degree black belt. The video begins with an outdoor interview with Grandmaster Mark Shuey, Sr., filmed as television coverage of the system, and it presents some of his philosophy and beliefs for the style’s future.
American Cane System: Level 8 (Black Belt)
Level 8 prepares the American Cane System student to test for the prestigious rank of 1st Degree Black Belt. As a black belt candidate, the student is both reminded of the importance for proper martial arts attitude and etiquette, but also for quality of technique in all 8 levels. The video begins with a special introduction by Grandmaster Mark Shuey, Sr.. Those who earn 1st Degree black belt may have the opportunity to become certified American Cane System instructors.
Intermediate Techniques and Drills
This video utilizes the elements shown in the “Basic Foundation” video and combines them into easy to follow techniques to ward off attacks by a single opponent. 45 minutes long, the video is complete with practice drills for fighting and self-defense with a partner.
Advanced Techniques and Takedowns
Featuring the devastating power of the crook, this video shows a wide variety of takedowns and control techniques specifically designed for the cane, as well as defensive techniques for use against a variety of weapons.

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Street Techniques Of The Cane

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Exercising With The Cane: Cane Chi

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